All of our shoes are handcrafted, 
made of the best-quality vegan materials
in in our small, family workshop, 

The art of creating shoes is passed down from generation to generation in our family.
We want our art - as any other art does - to convey our values, therefore all of the materials
that we use are 100% vegan - starting with leathers and ending with glues and additives.

We are the first brand in Poland 
to propose shoes made of Pinatex®

We are constantly seeking interesting and durable leather substitutes and from those do we create our shoes. 
We want to show that fashion can and should be free from cruelty. 
We are also extremely committed to choosing materials that are harmless to our planet.


Piñatex® - strong and elastic eco-leather 
made of pineapple.

Pinatex is a response to a better alternative to leather invented by designer Carmen Hijosa. 
Having been intrigued by strong and elastic pineapple fibers she perfected production technique of this fabric.

Vegan and sustainable

Pineapple is associated with a delicious fruit, but it’s its leaves that are used for Pinatex® production
(the ones that usually putrefy on the ground). To produce it there is no need for additional water, fertilizers or human labour.
What is more, its by-product is biomass that is frequently used by farmers as an organic fertilizer.



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