Values dressed in plant materials in new look book "After Midnight Before Morning"

Values dressed in plant materials in new look book "After Midnight Before Morning"

Bohema Clothing, polish streetwear brand, known for the first vegan shoes in Poland made of plant materials such as Pinatex, cactus leather Desserto or apple leather, returns today with a new collection. In a new lookbook called “after midnight before morning” he shows embedded designs in the dystopian world of the future.

The Bohema Clothing brand is inextricably linked with values ​​such as tolerance, respect for the environment and animals, and expressing out loud views. From the very beginning, the brand shows us his own definition of streetwear dressed in vegan materials. All the more so in these troubled times, the brand could not simply remain silent. The latest campaign refers to the turbulent situation in the world, to the rebellion that we see so often on the streets in recent times, and at the same time responds to the expectations that are set in today's fashion.

“When creating our collections, we constantly observe what is happening in the world. What inspires us and what takes over or even scares us. In this campaign, we decided to encourage you to oppose the imposed rules, if they are unacceptable, to look for alternatives and to change the world and even to rebel, because we believe that each individual has enormous strength and the full right to express their opinions. And fashion has always reflected social moods.” - says designer Sebastian Szypuła

The new Bohema Clothing collection includes women's and men's shoes made of plant materials: Pinatex shoes, catus leather shoes - this time also for men, unisex kidneys worn on the chest, wallets and large hooded sweatshirts. The flirting with cyberpunk and the combination of futurism with the rebel style are strongly felt here. In addition to massive boots with military soles, futuristic ankle boots with a silver zipper at the front, the brand also offers white lace-up pointed boots. Next to the shoes, the kidneys are made of a new vegan material - extremely durable ecological silicone, sweatshirts made of organic cotton and wallets made of apple leather. All designs are handmade in Poland.

The brand invited Karol Grygoruk, a respected documentary photographer, to cooperate on the lookbook. All this to maintain authenticity and reflect the dystopian expression of the campaign, so close to today's world, as much as possible.

“We knew that Karol was not only connected with aesthetics, but also with our views, which is why we wanted to create this campaign with him. We wanted authenticity and something more than a regular lookbook session. This collection is somehow groundbreaking for us, so in the campaign we decided to combine our values ​​dressed in products. " - says Wiola Wiertel, the co-creator of the brand.

Part of the session, which was created in the studio, allows you to feel inspired by Avedonian photography - the models in his photos do not resemble statues, they are flesh and blood women with emotions written on their faces. They laughed, danced, and cried. The photos of Karol Grygoruk in Bohema's lookbook also focus mainly on the characters and show their authentic moods, and the brand's collection is to express and emphasize them. The second part of the session, created in a post-industrial space, complemented by strong yellow and red lights evokes associations with the cyberpunk culture. In Grygoruk's photographs, the brand's collection emphasizes people's emotions and allows them to manifest them. This perfectly illustrates Bohema's approach to fashion, which has been expressing social values ​​and moods for years.

Who is BOHEMA Clothing?

Future of fashion is in the palm of your hand. Take care of the world with our clothes, shoes and accessories made of plant materials.

Even as a little boy, Sebastian knew what a craft was. In a small family workshop, he watched his father, an experienced shoemaker, making beautiful and high-quality shoes by hand, pair by pair. At the time, he had no idea how much this would affect his future. 20 years later, Sebastian - a vegan who has been skateboarding for years - founded a streetwear brand in which he decided to use his father's craftsmanship and an innovative approach to fashion.

Sebastian and his partner Wiola created the first 100% vegan and environmentally friendly fashion brand in Poland. At BOHEMA, they combine a family multi-generation shoemaker's tradition, a passion for craftsmanship, as well as innovation and fashion.

BOHEMA was the first brand in the world to offer shoes made of cactus leather Desserto, and the first on the Polish market, shoes made of pineapple leaf material Pinatex and apple skin.

BOHEMA products are distinguished by great design, handcrafted workmanship and the highest quality plant materials. The brand's innovative products are made in accordance with sustainable fashion.

The creators of BOHEMA believe that fashion, like any other art, expresses values and is a reflection of social moods. BOHEMA CLOTHING means tolerance, respect for the environment and animals, and the loud expression of views on them. This is a new plant definition of streetwear.

BOHEMA is simply values dressed in products.

It is a fashion brand for those who love life and live by their own values.

For those who follow their own paths, often against the tide.

For those who want to stand out.

For dreamers, nonconformists and those who are looking for more.


Photo: Karol Grygoruk / SHOOTME Visual Artists 

Models: Maresh Miciula, Victoria Lobay, Daniel Debowski 

Photo Assistant: Kuba Krysiak 

Creative Direction: Sebastian Szypuła 

Style: Wiola Wiertel 

Mua: Dagmara Rodak 

Hair: Patryk Nadolny 

Packshots: @Julia Klyukach


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