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Sustainable brand creating vegan shoes from innovative plant-based materials

Bohema was born out of the need to create a 100 percent vegan fashion brand. Caring for animals, the environment, and therefore sustainable and local production have been the core values of our brand from the beginning. We make sure that the fashion we create expresses these values, because they are for us the definition of an ethical brand, which Bohema Clothing has been since its creation. Bohema Clothing - the first Polish brand that specialises in creating unique and stylish vegan shoes using plant-based materials.

Our mission is to promotevegan fashionand asustainableapproach to creating footwear that combines traditional craftsmanship, timeless design and ethical production. Our shoe collection includes a wide range of vegan half-shoes, loafers, ballerinas, stilettos, boots and even cowboy boots, which we create for everyone who values responsible fashion. We focus on innovation and have pioneered the creation of vegan footwear from plant-based leathers such as grape skin,pineapple skin, corn skin, cactus skin or apple skin. With Bohema Clothing, you are assured that your shoes not only look stylish, but are also environmentally and animal-friendly.

Our vegan footwear is distinguished by contemporary yet timeless design, innovative planet- and animal-friendly materials and artful handcrafting. We do everything to create responsible fashion. Classic vegan sneakers for women and men, stilettos in cactus or pineapple leather that will fit perfectly into a business dress code. Geometrically shaped, minimalist boots handmade from plant-based vegan materials. Classic original women's cowboy boots in grape leatherFlip-flops and sandals - from elegant shoe models to totally casual ones. The iconic ballerinas, in an updated form, i.e. vegan cactus leather ballerinas and vegan half-shoes. All of these trendy shoe styles can be found here.

Handcrafted vegan shoes - sustainable & cruelty free fashion

As well as being vegan and made from innovative plant-based materials, all of our shoes are distinguished by the fact that they are handmade according to traditional craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. The aspect of sustainable production is one of the pillars of our brand. We place great importance on creating vegan shoes of the highest quality, with attention to every detail. All our vegan shoes are sewn and finished by hand, by experienced cobblers and seamstresses, which allows us to control and refine every step of their creation. We attach great importance not only to the materials themselves, but also to the components from which our shoes are made - we make sure that all components (adhesives, soles, lining materials) in our shoes are not only vegan, but also eco-friendly. This is why we use recyclable or recycled materials. We are a Polish footwear manufacturer, which is why using components from local suppliers is such an important pillar for us; as a Polish footwear brand, we want to support Polish craftsmen. We also want to show that shoes from a Polish brand are synonymous with the highest fashion and quality. We want to create vegan shoes that are animal and planet-friendly, i.e. truly eco-friendly and ethical, but at the same time stylish and comfortable.

Vegan cactus leather shoes - the first created by a polish vegan footwear brand - Bohema Clothing

From the very beginning, we have presented our own definition of fashion and streetwear dressed in innovative plant-based materials, creating designer vegan shoe models. We were the first in the world to create shoes made from Desserto cactus leather. Shoes made from cactus leather, not unlike leather shoes in any way. The vegan cactus shoes are just as durable, breathable or water-resistant. Their texture also perfectly mimics that of leather. Desserto®is a highly sustainable plant-based vegan leather made from cactus, distinguished by its extraordinary softness to the touch, with excellent durability.Cactus leather meets the most stringent quality and environmental standards. The aim is to offer cruelty-free, sustainable alternatives, free of toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. Desserto® is also partially biodegradable.

Vegan shoes made from grapes, or maybe from wine - the vegan leather vegea

Vegan shoes made from wine grape leather have taken fashion by storm. This plant-based leather is extremely durable, breathable and looks like ... leather. Grape leather looks great on everything from vegan boots and ballerinas to flip-flops and sandals. The name VEGEA comes from a combination of VEG (vegan) and GEA (Mother Earth). The Vegea brand has developed a proprietary process for valorising wine waste: grape pomace, which consists of grape skins, stems and seeds discarded during wine production. This vegan material has a high content of plant/recycled raw materials, such as vegetable oils and natural fibers from the agricultural industry. The plant-based grape material produced in Italy complies with the strictest European regulations (REACH), is solvent-free and animal-friendly. No toxic solvents, heavy metals or substances hazardous to humans or the environment are used in the production process.

Vegan and ethical shoes from polish designers known all over the world. Vegan fashion from Poland conquers the world.

All our shoes are vegan, organic and ethical. Created by people who are appreciated and work in dignified conditions. It is very important that Polish designers support Polish artisans and form cooperatives with them. In this way, we not only support Polish craftsmanship, but also create a true vision of ethical fashion, sustainable fashion. We do everything we can to associate shoes from a Polish brand with quality, sustainable fashion and ecology. For us, an ethical shoe brand is one that meets all these criteria. An ethical shoe brand, an ethical fashion brand is us, is Bohema Clothing. We are also happy to see how much we have been able to change over these 4 years, not only in the minds of Poles, but also to contribute to the spread of vegan fashion around the world. Our customers are not only vegans - which makes us even happier, because we are fans of small changes and small steps. We are part of VEGAN Fashion Week, an organization that promotes vegan fashion worldwide. We are available on many global marketplaces in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, and this is just the beginning. For us, every step we take in our shoes is a step towards sustainable and ethical fashion. We want to create a conscious community where we are united by tolerance, love for the world around us and the desire to fight for a better tomorrow, in every dimension.