Collection: Women's Vegan Flip Flops

Vegan Women's Slippers by the Ethical Polish Brand

Introducing Bohema Clothing: Pioneers in Vegan Footwear

Bohema Clothing stands out as a Polish brand, born out of the necessity to pioneer a 100% vegan fashion brand. Our deepest values from the inception have always centered around animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and thus, supporting balanced and local production. Our fashion vision resonates strongly with these values, making us an embodiment of what an ethical brand should represent.

Our passion for craftsmanship, artistry, and years of experience have made it possible for us to design timeless and exceptionally detailed vegan shoes. Our designs are synonymous with contemporary styling, innovative plant-based materials that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free, and exquisite handcrafted finishes. Our vegan women's footwear range has been the choice for many women worldwide. If expressing unique personal style while prioritizing top-quality resonates with you, our vegan shoes are the perfect fit for you. In the Bohema Clothing shoe collection, fashionable women's sandals and slippers cannot be missed. You'll find women's slippers and sandals made from grape leather, cactus leather, and pineapple leather. Every step in the creation of  slippers is thoroughly conceptualized, from the initial idea, the design process to the delivery of the shoes to your doorstep. We're a proud Polish brand supporting local artisans. We source all components from them, and even our packaging for vegan sandals and vegan slippers are recyclable.

Timeless Vegan Slippers and Sandals

Central to our brand ethos is the unwavering care for animals and the environment. We ensure that the fashion we create aligns with these principles. As a result, our vegan women's sandals and slippers are handcrafted by our skilled artisans and local factories, following the rules of sustainable production. If you're searching for a genuine alternative to mass-produced animal leather, you've come to the right place! Bohema Clothing exclusively uses plant-based materials for crafting vegan sandals and slippers. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also boast remarkable comfort and durability. Among the women's slippers, you'll encounter the Vegea material, produced in Italy. It has a high content of plant-based resources, derived from recycling processes like plant oils and natural fibers from agriculture. Components of the Vegea material include grape residues like stems, grape skins, and seeds discarded during wine production. Pinatex is another revolutionary fabric made from leaves that decay into the soil after fruit harvests, offering a sustainable alternative to mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials. Within our collection, there are also products made from Desserto material – a vegan leather made from cactus, known for its unique softness and outstanding durability.

 Handcrafted Vegan and Ethical Women's Sandals and Slippers

Set fashion-forward trends today and make the least environmental impact. Our women's slippers and sandals, crafted from plant-based materials, are a step toward the well-being of our planet. The women's shoes from our collection promise unmatched craftsmanship quality that will undoubtedly captivate you. We designed the vegan sandals and slippers collection for every woman who values expressing her individual style and appreciates the quality that craftsmanship offers. Believe that even shoes can reduce the demand for animal-based products. We stand as a testament that it's possible to stay stylish while caring for the environment around us. In our range, await your perfect pair, be it black women's flip flop, wedge slippers, heeled slippers, or other comfortable women's slippers in plant-based iterations.