Collection: Women's vegan bags

Vegan women's bags

Bohema is a brand that was the first in the world to create shoes from plant-based cactus leather. We are a pioneer in the production of shoes made of vegan leather, and now our collection has been joined by handbags also made of innovative high quality plant or fruit materials. What distinguishes our women's handbags are original forms, interesting design, innovative approach to materials, but also production. We at 100% focus on sustainable and ethical production, so our bags are created by local artisans. Explore our vegan bags and you will fall in love at first sight <3

Collection of designer vegan bags - interesting design and top quality.

Our vegan bags are distinguished not only by ethical local production or what material they are made of. Our trademark, also when it comes to shoes, is remarkable design. The same is true for our vegan bags. Right from the design, we take care of the balance and and design to use every inch of leather. All our handbags are hand sewn in Poland, which allows us to create interesting shapes and forms and have everything under control. We pay very close attention to detail, so all our components and hardware are also of the highest quality.

Handmade handbags made of vegan leather - a stylish element in your closet

Our handbags are an ideal choice both for idealists who appreciate simplicity, and for women who like to experiment with fashion.

Their unique cuts will allow you to play with styling, and you will see that they will fit perfectly into both elegant and more casual outfits.