Collection: BOHEMA Gift card

Gift Card - the perfect gift idea from a vegan & sustainable brand

Dreaming of gifting someone special with our vegan shoes, but not sure which model and size to choose? A gift card for use in the Bohema Clothing store is the perfect solution. Not only do you give your loved one the freedom of choice, but you also open the door for them to explore our entire collection of shoes from the Polish brand made from plant-based materials. This is a gift that is sure to appeal to any fashion lover. Let the recipient decide for herself which vegan shoes she would like to wear, whether those made of grape skin, corn skin or maybe cactus skin? No matter what she chooses, YOU are sure she will thank you for allowing her to choose a quality pair of vegan shoes.

Voucher for vegan shoes - from a small gift to a dream gift

Our gift card is available in many denominations - from 50 to 250 Euro. You can combine them as you like, and if you want your gift card to include a different aggregate amount - let us know and we will give you the opportunity to do so. The gift card can be delivered to you in two versions: printed or online. Don't worry, if you choose the printed form, the card will be made on materials that are biodegradable. If you choose a printed card, be sure to select a shipping method. The gift card can be used in our online store for all vegan shoes and accessories for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Gift card - how to use it for vegan shoes or accessories?

1) When buying a gift card from Bohema Clothing, choose its form - digital or printed.

2) If you want to combine several denominations of the card or put other than the available amount - let us know, we will make it possible.

3) The gift card with a dedicated code will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase on business days.

4) The person who receives the card will be able to enter the code when shopping, and the price in the shopping cart will be reduced by the amount from the gift card :)

Do you have questions, be sure to write to us at