How to measure

How to choose the perfect shoe size?

We want your purchases to be right and the selected size will be perfectly matched. This will allow you to immediately enjoy our shoes, and at the same time minimize possible exchanges and returns that leave a mark on our environment. See how to measure your foot to choose the best size of our shoes:

1. Put your bare foot on a piece of paper
2. Outline it, making sure that the outline corresponds to the actual foot line (it does not protrude beyond it or be smaller - especially at the heel outline)
ani nie był mniejszy - szczególnie przy obrysie pięty)
3. Make two horizontal lines as shown (at the toes and at the heel)

4. Measure the distance between the horizontal lines - this is the length of your insole
5. Choose the size according to the length obtained

W razie jakichkolwiek pytań pisz śmiało na - pomożemy dobrać.