We change Black Friday to Caring Week

You know that at Bohema we adhere to the principle of sharing is caring and we know that many of you are waiting for Black Friday so you can choose your dream and thoughtful shoes <3

During #caringweek, i.e. from 20.11 to 27.11 with the code BHMA_CARING_WEEK you will receive a 10% discount on all shoes from our shop, and another 10% we will donate to the Animal Glade Foundation <3

Not only do we support conscious and thoughtful shopping, but above all we strive to ensure that every purchase you make leaves a good mark on our planet and the animals <3

About the Zwierzęca Polana Foundation Foundation

The mission of Animal Glade is to improve the lot of animals - companion animals such as dogs, but also farm animals such as cows and horses.

The foundation creates conditions for them to recover from the harm done by man and to understand that the human hand can not only cause pain, but also soothe it. Almost a hundred animals are in the care of Zwierzęca Polana, including dogs, cats, horses, cows and sheep. All of them were either dropped off to us or rescued from difficult conditions. One of them is Bull Jurek, whom you may know from the film Bohema Circle.

The ultimate goal pursued by the Zwierzęca Polana Foundation is to create an educational sanctuary for animals. This is a pioneering project in Poland - similar places exist in the West, but our country is devoid of them. Such a sanctuary is a place where farm animals can live happily and safely without being harmed by humans.

But that is not all! The sanctuary will educate - people will be able to visit it, commune with the animals, find out how wonderful, sensitive and wise horses, cows, sheep, goats or pigs are.