Daily steps towards sustainable fashion - the new shoe collection "Daily Steps" from Bohema Clothing.

Daily steps towards sustainable fashion - the new shoe collection "Daily Steps" from Bohema Clothing.

Bohema Clothing is the brand that started the fashion for shoes made of plant-based materials in Poland. The brand, which has been operating in the spirit of cruelty-free from the very beginning, focusing on sustainable production, is back with a new collection of woman shoes and men shoes and in a campaign called Daily Steps.


Bohema relies on Polish craftsmanship and innovative plant-based materials (it was Bohema that created the world's first cactus shoes), dressing timeless shoe models in original forms. In the new "Daily Steps" lookbook, the brand presented classic chelsea boots, boots, flat shoes or cowboy boots dressed in geometric forms. In the collection, there is something for everyone, from delicate and classic smart casual style chelsea boots to chelsea boots on a massive sole with square toes for fans of more extravagant footwear. Heeled and platform boots, boots in several versions and cowboy boots. And here, too, Bohema gives us room to choose, offering long and sleek heeled cowboy boots alongside shorter, hand-embroidered boho-style cowboy boots.

'In creating the collection we were inspired by the eclecticism of everyday life, and street style from around the world. We've been traveling a lot lately, and just observing how people around the world dress was our inspiration for this collection." - says the brand's designer Sebastian Szypuła

Bohema Clothing  shoes are meant to be a choice for both everyday and special occasions. The models are meant to emphasize the individual style of the women and men who wear them and allow them to build very different styles that are trend-driven, but also timeless. Therefore, the brand plays with the form of timeless classics, giving them geometric shapes or adding designer details.

Bohema Clothing's new collection features shoes made from sustainable plant-based materials, such as grape leather, which is made from wine production waste, and corn leather, which contains up to 74% biobased and viscose from FSC-certified forests. All of Bohema's shoes are vegan, created locally by Polish artisans with sustainable production in mind. All clothes used in the styling for the campaign come from second-hand or Polish brands creating with sustainable fashion in mind. The brand is constantly looking for new solutions and is already working on innovations in production. There are also plans to introduce new materials, which Bohema can't reveal yet due to the signed NDA.


Photo: Kasia Kornas

Models: Julia Boro Borowiecka, Julia Wesołowska, Kornel Jaźwik (XManagement)

Mua: Dagmara Rodak

Style: Wiola Wiertel

All the styles used for the shoot are second-hand or from Polish sustainable brands.

Special thanks to ByBianco and Sny Vision and Vintage shops: Twins Pick & Dopamine Vinatge Store.

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