Collection: Woman

Vegan women's shoes by Bohema Clothing - timeless trends and sustainable fashion.

Bohema Clothing is a Polish ethical brand known worldwide for creating sustainable fashion and vegan women's shoes. It is the perfect choice for women who combine their love of fashion with care for the planet.

Vegan women's shoes made from innovative plant-based materials

Our vegan women's shoes are a real breakthrough in the fashion world. We use innovative plant-based materials: corn leather, grape leather, cactus leather, apple skin or Pinatex, which are not only stylish and durable, but also environmentally friendly. Shoes made of plant materials are our answer to the growing demand for sustainable fashion. Our products are the true definition of luxury and a sustainable approach to fashion.

Ethical brand, sustainable production

Every detail of our vegan shoes is carefully designed and passionately crafted by our artisans. We take care of every element to ensure the highest quality workmanship. Bohema Clothing is a guarantee of durability and wearing comfort.

Vegan Fashion - an ethical brand

Bohema Clothing is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that knows the importance of sustainable production, respect for the planet and animal rights. Our vegan women's shoes are part of a larger project to change the fashion industry for the better. We are proud to be part of this mission.

Vegan women's shoes - stylish models and timeless design

Discover our collection of vegan shoes designed with everyone's different needs in mind.

Vegan women's boots

Our corn leather boots, cactus leather boots or grape leather boots are a combination of style and functionality. Perfect for any occasion, from casual to evening wear. 

Women's vegan cowboy boots

Embroidered cowboy boots made from corn leather add character to any look. In the collection you will also find more classic cactus leather cowboy boots or corn leather cowboy boots with a shiny grain finish or grape leather cowboy boots with an interesting texture. Cowboy boots are a timeless trend for women who like to express their individual style.

Women's vegan loafers

In our collection, you will find Loafers in grape leather in several looks from classic Penny Loafers to Chunky Loafers on a solid sole. Loafers from Bohema Clothing are elegance and comfort in one. Perfect for everyday wear.

Women's vegan ballerinas

Ballerinas are a classic of the genre - discover our classic cactus leather ballerinas, Mary Jane style square grape leather ballerinas

Vegan stilettos

Stilettos are a classic that's always on trend. Our vegan pumps are the essence of elegance and a modern take on a classic. Choose from cactus leather stilettos or pineapple leather stilettos.

Vegan flip-flops

Vegan flip-flops are a great option for summer - breathable and lightweight. Our versions are not only stylish but also comfortable. Choose between many models, such as cactus leather flip-flops, grape leather flip-flops or pineapple leather flip-flops, apple leather flip-flops, corn leather flip-flops.

Vegan sandals

Sandals are an essential part of summer styling. Our vegan sandals are a combination of comfort and designer forms. Choose your sandals from cactus leather or grape leather sandals.

Bohema Clothing is a brand that moves with the times, creating vegan women's shoes that are both beautiful and responsible. Join our mission and enjoy fashion that takes care of the planet!