How to choose the perfect vegan shoes?

How to choose the perfect vegan shoes?

The choice of shoes is not only a matter of style, but also of the values we wish to express through our daily choices. In addition, shoes must be comfortable, durable and breathable. And all these aspects are fulfilled in our shoes. If you are looking for vegan shoes then our shoes will be the perfect choice - we are a 100% vegan brand. If this is the first time you are hearing about vegan shoes made of plant-based materials and wondering why and how to choose the best ones, be sure to read this article ;)

Ethical shoes made from plant-based materials: a choice with a future

By choosing shoes made from plant-based materials, such as leather made from grapes, cactus, pineapple, corn or apples, you are taking a step toward sustainable fashion. While it's not just a matter of fashion, it's also an expression of our concern for the planet and animal welfare. These innovative and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional natural leather are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. Why? Because they not only offer unique design and high quality, but also leave a trace of a sustainable lifestyle.

Grape leather, Vegea, is made from grape residue after the winemaking process. It is not only an example of efficient use of raw materials, but also a material with an elegant appearance that can rival traditional natural leather in terms of durability and style. 

Cactus leather,  "Desserto," is another eco-friendly material that is gaining in popularity. Extracted from the leaves of the nopal cactus, it is durable, soft and pleasant to the touch.


Pineapple leather,  "Pinatex," is a real gem in the world of vegan fashion. Produced from pineapple leaf fibers, it is not only durable, but also lightweight and extremely stylish.

 Corn leather and apple leather are other interesting alternatives that leave a trace of ecological thought.

Fashion with character : choose locally

When you choose shoes made from plant-based materials, you are not only choosing an ethical and eco-friendly product, but also fashion that respects nature. It's a step toward a more sustainable and responsible fashion future, where style goes hand in hand with care for the planet.

It's also worth paying attention to where our shoes come from. By choosing footwear from local brands, not only are you supporting Polish craftsmanship, but you are also assured of the highest quality. Polish shoe brands often rely on tradition and careful craftsmanship, which translates into durable and comfortable shoes. This is a great way to support the local economy and enjoy at the same time beautiful, sturdy shoes that will impress not only in fashion, but also in the quality of workmanship.

Cruelty-free - vegan shoes from Bohema Clothing

If you're looking for tried-and-true vegan shoes, it's a good idea to bet on shoes from brands that consistently create only from vegan materials. Remember to be guided not only by what the upper of the shoe is made of, the inner materials can also be of animal origin :O Why? And did you know that even glues can contain casein or gelatin? And the shoe's stiffening elements can be made from recycled leather (that is, simply ground leather waste)? When you choose a shoe from a vegan brand, you are assured that every element is and cruelty-free, that is, not associated with animal suffering. Remember that every choice matters, and even if you want to take a small step towards a better tomorrow, you can take that very step with vegan shoes <3

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