ARTLEISURE contemporary fashion dressed in awareness and plant materials

ARTLEISURE contemporary fashion dressed in awareness and plant materials

Bohema Clothing is a brand that created the world's first cactus leather shoes. Now it's back with the new ARTLEISURE collection, which features models in cactus leather and grape leather. In the new campaign, the Bohema Clothing brand takes us on a journey to the 70's full of contrasts and freedom, presenting its shoe models dressed in plant materials - cactus leather and grape leather. The brand's collection is presented by Zuza Kołodziejczyk, and the stylizations are made of clothes borrowed from vintage shops. Bohema once again shows its responsible approach to fashion.

Bohema Clothing is a brand that became famous for shoes made by hand from plant materials. There were already pineapple shoes, the world's first cactus shoes, and in the new collection, the brand focused on "wine leather" also known as grape skin. When creating each of its collections, the brand carefully observes the street and the social changes taking place, because in their opinion fashion reflects them.

In the new lookbook entitled “ARTLEISURE” Bohema Clothing, we feel the spirit of the 70's. The brand refers to the times when the rules ceased to apply and there was total freedom in terms of clothes. In the times when there was a turn to naturalism, attitudes were fostered in favor of living in harmony with nature, clothes made of skin-friendly fabrics were worn.

"We wanted to reflect the modern spirit of the 70's because we always try to reflect in our collections what is happening in the world, and the present times remind us of that period. Protests, fighting for rights, rejecting the imposed rules, going towards nature, all inspired us to create both this collection and the entire campaign. " - says the designer of the brand Sebastian Szypuła

Bohema invited Zuza Kołodziejczyk, a model (winner of the Polish edition of Top Model) and a promoter of a healthy lifestyle, who is known for her conscious approach to fashion and the fact that she engages only in campaigns in which she believes herself.

“I was pleased to participate in the Bohema Clothing campaign because I believe in what they are doing. Handmade vegetable leather shoes? I myself have been on the green side of the force for several years and I would like only vegan shoes to be made in the world. I am glad that I can be a part of this good change and I keep my fingers crossed for it, ”concludes Kołodziejczyk.

The latest collection of the brand includes classic ballerinas and slippers with a geometric form, moccasins and slippers on platforms and cowboy boots. The entire collection is in black and white colors, and each model is hand-crafted down to the smallest detail.

The silhouettes of the shoes are complemented by androgenic stylizations on the border of American classics and sports fashion, animal motifs interspersed with colorful sets in the hippie style. All styles were created using clothes from our vintage friends Kex Vintage Store, Muss Shop and Madame Vintage.

“While working on each campaign, we want to emphasize our responsible approach to fashion and show it, it offers a lot of possibilities. We reached for second-hand clothes, because in vintage shops you can find real gems that allow you to create unique looks. " - says Wiola Wiertel, co-creator of the brand responsible for styling

Contemporary design in a timeless edition dressed in innovative plant materials - you will find all this in the Bohema collections. As the brand itself says, their projects are aimed at all those who like to express their own style, and at the same time appreciate the quality of craftsmanship. The brand invites you to a world that is the result of fashion, art, street and a conscious approach to life. The ARTLEISURE campaign is carried out on the streets of Praga in Warsaw, full of history, rebellion and truth, and in the experimental flower shop K105K, an ideal place for artistic Bohemia, full of contemporary art and artistic plant installations.

Model: Zuzanna Kołodziejczyk

Photos: Julia Klyukach

Creative Direction: Sebastian Szypuła

Slyle: Wiola Wiertel

Make-up: Dagmara Rodak

Hair: Anna Malec

Scenography: Kuba Garscia

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