Bohema Circle is a vegan community that brings rebellion and awareness - meet the latest campaign of the Polish brand Bohema Clothing.

Bohema Circle is a vegan community that brings rebellion and awareness - meet the latest campaign of the Polish brand Bohema Clothing.

“We are awakening. We are conscious. We create a community. Feel the freedom in your OWN SKIN! " These are the slogans with which the Bohema Clothing brand draws attention to socially important topics in the new campaign and encourages them to rebel against the established rules, also in fashion.

In the brand's campaign, we get to know a group of young people, neo-hippies who are tired of systemic rules established in each area of ​​life. They fight to be able to say what they want and how they want. They want to manifest their values ​​by assuming what it expresses. They want to fight for ideals by giving a voice to those who do not have it, regardless of the consequences. They want to fight for their future and the future of the world.

“This campaign is not only our values, but also an appeal to everyone who cares about the fate of this world. We want to pay attention to the importance of each individual's decision, encourage rebellion against injustice or limit the rights of any sentient being, and urge them to change what does not suit us ", says Sebastian Szypuła, brand designer.

Cruelty Free Fashion is the future?

According to the brand Bohema Clothing, ethical fashion = fashion without suffering. It is a fashion created with respect for human work, with respect for the environment, the planet, including animals. This brand was created to provide an alternative that, in their opinion, is missing in Polish fashion. Bohema has proven that shoes made of vegetable leather are a designer and durable solution that allows you to avoid cruelty.
“We're sick of hearing about ethical animal skin. How can we find ethics where someone suffers? It's similar to the ethical chain stores, where we know the conditions under which people work there. " This is Sebastian Szypuła, the brand's designer speaking

In the campaign, we see young people wearing vegan shoes, living in harmony with nature and loving animals that they treat as equals.

The campaign promotes the Bohema Clothing brand's conscious approach to fashion. In addition to plant materials, the brand promotes timeless models that do not go out of fashion and collections after a season or two. The full collection is supplemented with seasonal drops, which remain in the brand's offer for longer. This season, a line of sneakers and a massive derby have been added to the collection, and in mid-December, three new models will be added to the brand's portfolio.

Feel the freedom in your own skin!

Speak aloud about who you are, express yourself with what you wear, choose, do not get confined, do not follow the usual patterns, do not hurt anyone with this - the brand is freedom in your own skin. Fashion has no gender, fashion is a manifesto, fashion can change the world. The brand wants to be a voice that says: fashion shouldn't define you, fashion can be a tool for self-expression. Feel freedom in your own skin is not only a reference to veganism, but also a body of positivity, the rights of the LGBT community or simply freedom of speech and expression.

“It is very important to us how this campaign was created. We are glad that we were able to implement it with artistically and socially engaged creators. We created the script together with the director Kuba Zarzycki, who together with the cinematographer Mateusz Golis watched over the shared vision. The choice of places was very important to us, we wanted to combine the dreamlike Fumes of Absurd, with places where nature intertwines with the fight for animal rights, such as the Animal Glade Foundation "- says the co-creator of the brand Wiola Wiertel

The music for the campaign was composed by Szymon Weiss, and Łukasz Kowalski is responsible for the dynamic editing.


Director: Kuba Zarzycki

Scenario: Kuba Zarzycki x Bohema Studio

DOP: Mateusz Golis

DOP Assistant: Marcin Gołąb

Gaffer/Light: Emil Prokop

Art&Creative Direction: Bohema Studio: Sebastian Szypuła

Produced by: Bohema Studio: Wiola Wiertel

Music: Szymon Weiss

Editor: Łukasz Kowalski

Color Grading: Asia Skórka

Online: Łukasz Skórski

Stylist: Marta Śliwińska

Stylist Assistant: Ania Grabiańska & Anna Nicol

Make-up & Hair: Marcin Jędrzejewski

Make-up Assistant: Dagmara Rodak

Special Thanks: Ozi Jarczewska, Paulina Jaśkowska, Damian Zwierzęca Polana, Tomasz Kudelski


Alicja Przybysz, Karolina Chmiel, Kalina Kuran, Milena Tes, Wiktoria Chorążak, Magda Lewkowicz, Paweł Chomontowski, Kacper Stachyra, Władysław Turański, Natalia Taradaj, Dominika Górniak, Giorgia Gwiazdowska, Laura Kotarba.

Location: Zwierzęca Polana, W Oparach Absurdu, Residence in Łomianki

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