Ethical gifts from a sustainable Polish brand - gifts for vegans and more ;)

Ethical gifts from a sustainable Polish brand - gifts for vegans and more ;)

Christmas is a time of gift-giving, so it makes sense to choose gifts that carry a message <3 When you choose gifts from Polish brand Bohema Clothing, you are not only choosing style, but also ethics. Our company is guided by values that promote goodness for animals, people and our planet alike. That's why every product in our collection is carefully designed to combine fashion, functionality and a sustainable approach. Let this Christmas be an opportunity to express not only love, but also care for our world.

Gift Card - give the gift of ethical choice

Dreaming of gifting someone special with our vegan shoes, but not sure which model and size to choose? A gift card for use in the Bohema Clothing store is the perfect solution. Not only do you give your loved one the freedom of choice, but you also open the door for them to explore our entire collection of shoes from the Polish brand made from plant-based materials. This is a gift that is sure to appeal to any fashion lover. Let the gifted person decide for themselves what they would like to wear, and thank you for allowing them to choose a quality pair of shoes.

Shoe care kit - for those who care about quality

If the recipient loves shoes, then a shoe care kit with vegan composition will be a real treasure for her. It's not only protection for her favorite shoes, but also an expression of concern for animals and the environment.  In the "Vegan shoe care" section you'll find the Care Eco Full Set, a complete set of 3 cosmetics that includes: a vegan protector that perfectly protects shoes from rain and stains, and two eco shoe care creams in black and clear that will make every pair look like new. But that's not all - you can also consider opting for the Care Eco Set of a set of two cosmetics, i.e. Waterproofing and one of the available vegan shoe care creams . These cosmetics are a guarantee that the footwear of the recipient will always shine and delight, and at the same time support a sustainable lifestyle. Cosmetics can also be ordered separately. All products are made of natural waxes.

Colorful organic cotton socks - ethical accessories that make a difference

Socks are always a good idea for a small and casual gift. Our organic cotton socks are distinguished by their street style and interesting range of colors. Socks in white, black, turquoise and lime green are a real palette of possibilities, allowing you to match them with any outfit. But what makes them unique? It's the fact that they are made of organic cotton - a material that is not only skin-friendly, but also environmentally friendly. Bohema Clothing is a brand that cares not only about comfort and style, but also about sustainability. Therefore, our socks are not only a fashion accessory, but also an expression of concern for the planet.

Apple leather wallet - sustainable fashion always at hand

If you're looking for a gift that combines functionality and fashion, the Bohema Mia Women's Apple Leather Wallet vegan wallet is sure to catch your eye. It's an excellent choice for a holiday gift. What makes this wallet so special? Dressed in an innovative plant-based material like apple leather, it impresses with its simple timeless form. It's not only cruelty-free, but also eco-friendly. The Mia wallet is a combination of functionality and style that is sure to delight any woman.

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