Vegan boots for winter

Vegan boots for winter

Vegan boots made from plant-based materials from Bohema Clothing are an absolute must-have for the coming winter. Their hallmark is stylish design, top quality, durability and strength. What's more, our boots keep you warm, making them the perfect choice for colder days. These vegan boots will not only enhance your personal style, but also support the values of ethical and sustainable fashion.


Boots on massive soles

Boots like the Combat Boots grape leather, Riot Boots grape leather and Worker Monster grape leather are a must-have choice for winter for several reasons. First, their sturdy construction, thick sole and durable plant-based materials provide protection from the cold, rain and snow. They're shoes that not only look stylish, but can also perfectly handle harsh weather conditions. Secondly, their versatility means that they can be paired with a variety of styles, adding a touch of character to any winter outfit. Worker Boots are a real must-have for anyone who appreciates fashion, durability and comfort, regardless of the temperature outside the window.

Insulated vegan boots

Winter weather doesn’t have to mean giving up on fashion expression. Here are three insulated boots for winter that will not only keep you warm, but also add character to your outfits: Cyber Boots made from cactus leather , Workers No.2 and Workers No.3 made from grape leather.

Cyber Boots are distinguished by their futuristic design, but that's not all - their interior is perfectly insulated, protecting you from the cold. The Workers No.2 boots and Workers No.3 boots, on the other hand, continue the style of the Worker Boots in a softer edition with an extra layer of warming. This is perfect for those who appreciate both stylish looks and comfort in harsher weather conditions. Now you can boldly highlight your style, regardless of the temperature outside the window!

Timeless classics- sablets

Sable boots are timeless classics that are a good staple in any closet. Get to know our variations on the theme  - Squared Chelsea grape leather, Chelsea Boots No.2 grape leather and Chelsea Riot  grape leather. These are models that not only stand the test of time in terms of appearance, but also in terms of durability ;)

Squared Chelsea Boots are distinguished by their square form, which gives them a unique look. These are boots that add a chic touch to any outfit, no matter what the occasion.

Chelsea Boots No.2 are a true symbol of minimalist design. Their versatility means that they can be matched with virtually any outfit. This is a classic footwear that is always on trend.

The Chelsea Riot Boots, on the other hand, is a bolder version of this iconic model. With distinctive details and unique character, these shoes are sure to attract attention.

Made from Vegea grape plant material, these three classics aren't just shoes for winter, they're also an investment in style that won't go away.

Vegan boots made from plant-based materials are the perfect choice for winter, combining durability, style and warmth. From Worker Boots to insulated Cyber Boots and Worker No.2 boots, and timeless classics Chelsea Boots, Squared Chelsea and Chelsea Riot, there's a perfect option for everyone. What's more, these boots are cruelty-free, supporting ethical values and sustainable fashion with care for the planet. So be sure to check out the collection of boots from Bohema Clothing, a Polish fashion brand that offers these unique vegan models for winter. 

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