How to take care of vegan shoes?

How to take care of vegan shoes?

In the ever-changing world of fashion, one of the key aspects is sustainability. That's why more and more people are turning to vegan shoes made from plant-based materials, such as cactus leather or grape leather. This is not only an eco-friendly choice, but also a fashion statement. Shoes made from plant skins are just as durable as those made from animal skins. However, how long our shoes will serve us depends on how we take care of them. Want to enjoy your shoes for many seasons? It's time to learn the basic steps of their care. Why is it so important? You'll find the answer right here, in our guide to keeping your vegan shoes in great shape.

Three simple steps to make your vegan shoes serve you for years to come

Step 1: Impregnation

In the world of fashion, every detail is of great importance, so we must not forget to take care of our shoes, regardless of what material they are made of.... First of all, it is worth getting the right waterproofing. Our shoes have to cope with constantly changing weather conditions, such as rain, snow or moisture, and fight dust and dirt. Waterproofing to protect our shoes from the elements is therefore the first basic step. For this, we recommend choosing our vegan and eco-friendly shoe waterproofing. It's not only a guarantee of protection, but also a way to keep your shoes in pristine condition for many seasons. Remember to waterproof before the first use as well as to apply the impregnant regularly while wearing your shoes.

Step 2: Regular cleaning

The next step in caring for vegan shoes is to clean them regularly. This is important not only for the good looks of shoes made from plant-based materials, but also for their durability. Vegan leather is just as durable as traditional animal leather, but like all leather it requires care. Therefore, wipe your vegan shoes with a damp cloth to maintain their luster and unique look, and to avoid dirt from penetrating the leather for good.

Step 3: Greasing

A key part of caring for vegan shoes is greasing them. In order for plant-based leather to maintain its elasticity and perfect appearance, it's worth getting the right wax or grease paste. This will keep the leather supple and looking beautiful. In addition, regular use of shoe care cream is a step in keeping them in excellent condition for years.

Your shoes will thank you for this care!

Cosmetics for vegan shoe care

Our range of shoe care products is fully vegan and cruelty-free. For our brand, Bohema Clothing, it's not only a matter of shoe care, but also of ethical and ecological values. By using our products, you not only care about the condition of your vegan shoes, but also about animal welfare and environmental protection.  

Want to know more secrets of vegan shoe care?  Take a look at our "how to care" or "shoe care" tab. There you will find many valuable tips and products that will help your shoes keep their unique charm for years to come.

*If you already have shoe care products then you can use them, but be sure to test them before use on a small piece of material in an invisible place. :)

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