Vegan shoes - ethical fashion not just for vegans

Vegan shoes - ethical fashion not just for vegans

It started with tentative experiments by alternative brands, usually founded by vegans who were looking for an ethical alternative to the leather or plastic materials that dominate fashion. Today, major fashion houses such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Salvatore Ferragamo are reaching for vegan materials. In Poland, the leader of these developments is Bohema Clothing.

The growing interest in ethical and suffering-free animal production is one of the dominant trends that characterize the fashion of the current decade. And there is no indication that this is to be one of the seasonal novelties. Just as it is hard to imagine a return to fashion for natural fur or exotic leather today, natural leather handbags or shoes may soon cease to be the first fashion choice. Innovative materials that do not contain animal raw materials or plastics and are biodegradable are no longer a futuristic vision, but an increasingly significant trend in contemporary fashion. Eco-friendly clothing and accessories are no longer only on offer from niche brands. The new trends of fashion brands today are planet-friendly and it is becoming increasingly possible to produce clothes and accessories not only without the use of animal-derived materials, but also by ensuring that the fashion industry has as little impact on the environment as possible.

Consumers and designers are betting on vegan clothing

As many as 92 per cent of US consumers are interested in purchasing cruelty-free clothing and accessories based on next-generation materials, according to a study by the Material Innovation Initiative. And this is being followed by brands that are increasingly willing to introduce alternative leathers into their range. Even the biggest designers are reaching for them. In 2022, Stella McCartney showed the Frayme Mylo™️, a handbag made from mycelium. It is now one of the brand's most exclusive and sought-after models. Slogans such as 'vegan' and 'ethical' are today's best advertising to attract young consumers, who are shaping the demand for cruelty-free and animal-friendly products, including luxury ones.

Bohema Clothing – Poland's vegan fashion leader

Poland is not lagging behind in this revolution; on the contrary, it is stepping into the forefront thanks to Bohema Clothing. Our brand was the first in the world to introduce cactus shoes. Being the first Polish brand to reach for plant-based leathers, we are our country's vegan fashion leaders. We focus on minimalism and our shoes and accessories are environmentally friendly.

Where did this fashion trend come from? It is the result of the entry of generation Z into the market of consumers, but also fashion creators. "Zettes" reject fast fashion and pay a lot of attention to the ethical choices they make. Transparency and animal welfare matter to them, and they want brands to respect ecology in their production. For this generation, veganism is no longer a fad or novelty, but something natural. However, it is not only those who do not eat meat who are reaching for shoes or bags made from cactus or corn. Why are organic clothes so popular today?

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Vegan fashion: sustainable and cruelty-free

Alternatives to natural leather do more than reduce animal suffering. Organic materials created from pineapple leaves or maize are not only cruelty-free, but also biodegradable - this is how they differ from plastics, which until recently were considered the only substitute for animal-derived raw materials, and the pinnacle of ecology seemed to be the use of recycled polyester. Brands that focus on vegan fashion make sure that products are created in an ethical way and are planet-friendly, minimizing water consumption in the production process. At Bohema Clothing, we know that the carbon footprint matters too, which is why our vegan shoes and bags are made locally,
in Poland. They are characterized by their simplicity, so you can create a climate-controlled look that is current not only for this season.

Trendsetters choose plant-based leather and responsible fashion

Those for whom style is important are also reaching for plant-based leather products.
By wearing footwear made from plant-based materials, they signal that they know what counts in fashion today and that their wardrobe is designed to minimize animal suffering. They can confidently be called trendsetters. With a growing number of brands focusing on the environment in their collections, today you no longer have to choose between looking good and caring for the planet and can dress stylishly without animal products. Shoes made from cactus or pineapple are not only sustainable and fair trade, but you can also easily find a model perfectly suited to your individual style.

Bohema Clothing shoes and handbags - style for many years

Vegan brands focus on high-quality, long-lasting products with great workmanship, which fits in with the trend of minimising purchases very close to generation 'Z'. After years of being enamoured of fast fashion, the time for prudent consumption has come. Young people want things that will last them a long time. "Zettes" do not accept mediocrity and have high expectations. They also like to emphasise their personality and stand out. Cowboy boots made of corn or lords made of grapes are a styling element that is sure to attract attention.


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