Shoes for conscious women - the perfect gift for yourself for Women's Day.

Shoes for conscious women - the perfect gift for yourself for Women's Day.

Fashion and trends among women's shoes have evolved over the years and social changes. Very often we want what we wear to help us express our ideas and beliefs. That's why fashion and trends today are so diverse, and it's hard to identify one or two fashionable shoe models of the season. Fashion is evolving in the direction of timeless trends, quality and sustainable innovative materials. In this time of climate crisis, the biggest trend not only in the topic of women's shoes, becomes what material they are made of and how they were made rather than what specific model we wear this season. Conscious women, when choosing their shoes, rely on timelessness, quality and emphasizing their own style. Women's Day is the perfect time to get yourself a new pair of spring vegan shoes that are timeless and will serve us for many seasons. So what models of spring vegan shoes can conscious women choose from?

Ballerinas: from classic ballerinas to Mary Jane shoes - women's shoes in a new form

Women's ballerinas are certainly one of the most timeless and beloved shoes by women. We love them for the fact that they go with everything, for any occasion, are comfortable and fit into a handbag ;) Ballerinas have lived to see many versions of themselves, but also trends that are based on them. Women's ballerinas are the heroes of elegant classics, Scandinavian minimalism, Balletcore, but also extravagant street looks. If you want to set trends for many seasons, bet on vegan ballerinas made of plant-based materials.  In our collection you'll find women's grape leather ballerinas, among them the classic Audrey Pumps, which will fit perfectly into the Balletcore trend, colorful and stylish vegan ballerinas in Mary Jane style, or a more extravagant variation on a square, chunky sole Mary Jane Squared Pumps - perfect for street looks. In our collection you will also find classic cactus leather ballerinas Bohema Pumps in white and black, as well as more extravagant Alexa Pumps, which you will surely associate with the times of Twiggy or the Beatles.

Pumps Black Nopal ballerinas made of cactus leather 

Audrey Pumps Black grape leather

Squared Mary Jane Pumps Black made of Grape Leather

Alexa Pumps cactus leather ballerinas

Women's shoes native to the men's closet in an innovative way: vegan Loafers and Derby

Social changes played a strong role in women's fashion, and just as women boldly started wearing pants after getting the vote in the 1920s, in the 1970s, in another wave of feminism and struggles for equality, women borrowed Loafers or Derby style shoes from men's closets. Anyway, as it turned out later, they so loved these shoes that to this day they are an indispensable part of women's closet. If you are looking for a model that will not only enhance your style, but also be made in the spirit of ethical and sustainable fashion, we have some suggestions for you. If you're looking for minimalism and classics definitely choose our vegan Penny Loafers made of grape leather.

Fans of extravagant and chunky shoes will definitely like the Squared Loafers, vegan moccasins on a chunky sole with a square toe. The street vibe is definitely our Chunky Loafers in grape leather, which have remained bestsellers for several seasons now. And if lace-up shoes are definitely more appealing to you then be sure to take a look at our Derbs No. 2.

Penny Loafers made of grape leather

Sqaured Chunky Loafers Black vegan women's loafers shoes

Chunky Loafers Black Grape Leather Loafers 

Chunky Derbs No.2 Vegea woman derbs

Vegan sneakers - balance first and foremost

Sneakers have made their way to the salons and have become by far the most worn shoes. Vegan sneakers are not only comfortable, but above all an ethical and conscious choice for years to come. It's a trend that's always in fashion. Wear vegan sneakers for everyday and special occasions, with dresses, suits, or Altercore styles. In our collection you will find two models of vegan classic sneakers from Sneakers Aware and Sneakers Awake grape, as well as a more street and extravagant model for fans of Daddy's Shoes and Lady D Daddy's Sneakers style.

Bohema Sneakers Aware White sneakers made of Vegea grape leather

Bohema Sneakers Awake White sneakers made of Vegea grape leather

Daddy's Sneakers vegan women's sneakers 

Conscious women make conscious decisions. Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to give yourself an ethical gift and choose shoes that highlight your style.

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