Vegan Loafers

The most fashionable shoes for spring 2024: vegan flat shoes

The perfect women's shoes for spring 2024 

Finally, it's time to change shoes for spring models. It's no secret that flat shoes have been leading the way among fashionable models for many seasons now. We can see this by browsing fashion shows, trends for the coming seasons, but also by observing which of our shoes become bestsellers. Meet the flat shoes that are not only fashionable and stylish, but above all timeless and will stay with you for many seasons.

Vegan Sneakers - fashionable shoes for spring 2024 and more longer

Sneakers are definitely the perfect shoes for spring. Sports shoes for spring get both in completely normal normcore styling, because not only are they extremely comfortable, but they can also add "that something" to the styling. For lovers of dresses and more chic looks, we also have good news: sports shoes in this and the next seasons will be worn with everything, including suits, creating Sporty Chic styling. In our offer you will find 3 models of vegan sneakers: massive Daddy's Sneakers in the style of daddy's shoes or ugly shoes, Sneakers Aware, which are classic sneakers on a higher platform, and Sneakers Awake, which are total classics straight from the 90's. - Perfect for anyone who appreciates extravagance and fun fashion. Our vegan sneakers will go perfectly with oversize suits, but also tight midi dresses, mini skirts and shorts, collared, fishnets and regular jeans. In fact, it's up to you how you wear them - they are shoes perfect for spring for women everywhere. They will take care not only of your style, but also your comfort.

Daddy's sneakers White

Sneakers Awake Black

Sneakers Aware White 

Women's vegan loafers - shoes you will wear for years.

Moccasins, or Loafers as they are otherwise called, are a classic of the genre and the most fashionable shoes for spring. They will add a chic touch to any outfit, even street denim bermudas. These elegant shoes in modern forms have become a favourite model of celebrities and fashion icons such as, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner or Kate Moss. In our collection you will find a wide range of vegan moccasins. Starting with the pure classics, i.e. elegant Penny Loafers on a soft, comfortable flat sole decorated with tassels, which add to their character. The cut of Penny Loafers will go well with both more elegant styling with cigarillos, or more casual with jeans.

If you are looking for massive moccasins then we have 2 suggestions for you: Blocky Loafers with round toes on a blocky solid sole with piping. Or a more angular version: Squared Loafers, as the name suggests platform moccasins with square toes. Both models have been decorated with jewellery elements.Do not let the thickness of the sole fool you, in fact, both models are very light and comfortable. In fact, just like our Chunky Loafers. All our models of moccasins are ideal shoes for spring and beyond. They will also work well in summer and autumn. Due to the fact that they are our fashion variation on the classics, they will be perfect for any occasion: from the more formal to the everyday ones.

Penny Loafers

Blocky Loafers

Squared Loafers Black

Chunky Loafers

Ballerinas - classic women's shoes for spring in a fashionable version

This season, classic ballerinas are back in many variations, which is sure to please fans of delicate and feminine shoes. These women's shoes have accompanied fashion icons for years - Audrey Hepburn, for example, loved them. Our vegan ballerinas are also one of the most popular models of women's shoes. This season, our collection of classic ballerinas was joined by Mary Jane-style ballerinas in two colours - black and red. Ballerinas are those women's shoes that suit each of us, always and for every occasion - a definite must have in a timeless closet. And what is your favourite model of spring women's shoes? Check out our collection and you will surely find them there :)

Audrey Pumps Black 

Strawberry Mary Jane Pumps

Blackberry Mary Jane Pumps

Remember that when choosing shoes, it is worth betting on models that are comfortable and will serve you for many seasons.

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