Collection: Vegan Women's Pumps

Meet our vegan shoes: pumps

Discover the sustainable animal free footwear collection from Bohema Clothing. Classy vegan shoes from the ethical brand.

At Bohema Clothing, we believe that fashion is not just about trends, but more importantly about our own distinctive style and the values it brings with it. That's why we've been creating an ethical and vegan brand from the very beginning - you won't find animal-derived materials or components in our collections, or anything else that could be harmful to people or the environment. Each pair is designed to not only ensure the highest quality and comfort, but also the knowledge that no animal was harmed in their creation. . We only use plant-based materials that are fully vegan and environmentally friendly. When you put our vegan shoes on your feet, you are not only creating sustainable styling, you are also showing what is important to you. Your shopping choices matter, and by choosing our shoes, you are supporting an ethical fashion revolution. You are part of a transformation that is a rebalancing style with concern for the environment and animal welfare! We are the ethical brand.

The iconic pumps are made of vegan leather - perfect for conscious women in style!

Our range of women's ballerinas is a combination of style, comfort and quality. Whether you need a classic shoe for work or a comfortable pair for running around town, they definitely work for any situation. They are definitely a timeless and iconic model that some of us cannot imagine our wardrobe without. Our shoes range includes a variety of colours and styles, all so that you can find your unique style that reflects your personality. All our shoes are handmade in Poland, using innovative vegetable leathers in line with sustainable production. Opt for timeless trends with an innovative twist and choose your favourite cactus or grape model.

Vegan ballerinas - an ethical trend for years to come

Our women's ballerinas are more than just fashionable footwear. They are a stylish classic that will stay with you for many seasons and are perfect for any occasion. The minimalist design and plant-based materials are a guarantee of durability and timelessness. All of our shoes are eco-friendly and cruelty-free, and simply designer. They are simply the definition of ethical style and natural comfort.

Vegan = elegance & quality. Vegan is the new black.

When creating our collections, we always care about design and functionality. We don't just want to stand out with our sustainable approach and vegan materials. We want to show that shoes made from plant-based materials are the best alternative for everyone, not only for vegans. In our online shop you will find many models of ballerinas.

You don't have to give up your style to shop more consciously. Remember that by signing up to our newsletter you will receive a 10% discount on your first purchase. Explore our collection and love the shoes from Bohema.

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Be aware of the real price of fashion. Choose vegan material.

Bohema is a 100% vegan company - creating our shoes and accessories. We use only animal free components and materials like apple leather, grape leather, cactus and corn leather. If you'd love to choose consciously - choose high quality vegan shoes.